Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It has been too long since we last blogged. My mother was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer (spread to the liver) and then Tom's mother (84) suddenly passed away. It has been a very difficult Spring...

But we did get a wonderful new addition to the family -- a new puppy (a Golden Retriever named Summer). She was born on Tom's birthday and Amethyst (our 8 yerar old Cheaspeake Bay Retriever) just loves her (Summer brought out her maternal instincts). Amy is VERY good to her (right from the beginning, looking out for her, sharing things with her, even breaking her bone in half and leaving it downstairs for Summer when Summer was too little to get up the stairs)

Here are a few images -- she is a real cutie pie

Breanna picked out her name; Summer just adores Breanna!

Summer hit it off with Socrates right away (we think that Summer thought that she was a litter-mate). It took Summer and Leo a little longer. Socrates is a little upset that he has been "de-throned" and when Summer tries to get on "his bed" he really whacks her (but no claws out) repeatedly. His expression here seems to say "why did you bring that thing home?"

She is growing up fast! She was teething for a very long time and now has most of her teeth. For a while she wasn't eating much of her (hard) food and when we looked in her mouth we understood why -- no teeth). She has a great temperment and for a puppy she is VERY calm!

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