Sunday, August 31, 2008

Newborn baby boy (& his older brother)

We photographed Carson at 19 days old -- so cute and little and wrinkly -- such a handsome and good baby! Remember that for 2008 sessions with NEWBORN BABIES (under 3 weeks of age) are complimentary. Carson and his parents and his big brother Zack were a delight ot work with. We took a ton of photographs -- here is a sneak peak at a few of them.

Stay tuned for more photos later -- we have photos of the four of them, photos of the Mom and Dad and baby, baby with his big brother, photos of mom alone with baby Carson, Dad alone with baby Carson and of course lots of little Carson alone.


Zack just came ALIVE in front of the camera! This was our storage ottoman posing stool -- he discovered that it had a lid and room for storage inside -- and he climbed in! I would love to have Zack back from some GREEN SCREEN fun because he is so anmiated in front opf the camera.

Zack likes being a big brother and seemed very protective (and very comfortable) holding little carson. Without being asked to he leaned over and kissed him on the forehead -- this is just precious!

Dad's thumb against little Carson's foot. Hard to believe that in no time he will be asking for new sneakers for little league -- and then using these same feet to drive Dad's car. They grow up sooo fast!

This image wasn't even posed, just Dad sitting there with Carson while Mom and Zack went and warmed his bottle.

Mohonk Mountain House

We went to the Mohonk Mountain House for lunch and a massage, but we did find some time for photography as well. The flowers were just fantastic. Here are a few of Tom's images from Mohonk. Tom used my Sigma 180mm Macro lens which he now hogs, but I do have to admit that he is getting some really awesome images with that lens. Tom even has some photographs that are even better than these, but he has earmarked some of them for competition so we will show them later :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Tom photographed the young ladies again this year for the DCF Quinceañera . He had a great time and was honored to be a part of this special coming of age occasion. Here is a sneak peak at some of the traditions and details of this wonderful celebration of adulthood.

The history of Quinceanera dates back to the Aztecs around 500 B.C. The word is comprised of two parts: "quince" (fifteen) and "anera" which is a derivative of "anos" (year); and refers to a girl's fifteenth birthday. By age fifteen, boys were expected to become warriors and fulfil their father's expectations. For girls, it was the time in their life when they were presented to the community as young ladies, instead of girls. Fifteen-year-old Aztec girls were considered women and were given the instruction and responsibilities of womanhood and although this is a hugely significant rite of passage, it is also an enormous honor, one that Mexican girls today look forward to with pride and happiness. Every other birthday before and after may come and go without major celebration, but throughout the history of Quinceanera, this event has been full of ritual and tradition. The Quinceañera or Quince años is, in some Spanish-speaking regions of the Americas, a young woman's celebration of her fifteenth birthday, which is commemorated in a unique and different way from her other birthdays. It is sometimes represented XV Años, meaning "15 years."

There are some universal traditions for the Quinceañera -- like the changing of the shoes, the first dance, and the quinceañera traditionally being dressed in a ball gown. There are many traditions throughout the celebration. One of the most popular is the Changing of the Shoes. The father or favored male relative ceremoniously changes the young girl’s flat shoes to high heels. This is a beautiful symbol of the Quinceañera’s transformation from a little girl to a young lady.

At the church ceremony, a special Kneeling Pillow, sometimes personalized with the Quinceañera’s name, is placed in position for the young girl to kneel on during the ceremony.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Video of Izzie and Friends

Created with Animoto, here is a video of Izzie with her human Sarah. is a web application that creates MTV-style videos with the click of a button. Users simply choose a song and images. Animoto then automatically generates a unique video for them. No two videos are ever the same. Click here to sign up and save $5

Izzie and Friends

Tom took more photos of Sarah, Jeremy and Izzie yesterday. First he went to their place and took some photos outside. Then they came back to our studio for some more formal images. We are working with Sarah to create a portfolio for her dog sitting business and for her Blog. You can see more of Sarah's photos on our website: View the video here:

This series of Sarah was my favorite!

Black and white

with a touch of chocolate...

combination color with chocolate

Sarah and Izzie

Sarah had a great idea of putting Izzie in charge of her Blackberyy and her dog sitting calendar. I LOVE IT !! I cannot decide which I like the best!

Sarah, Jeremy and Izzie

Now we are in the studio...

The above photograph is one of my favorites of the two of them.

Sarah with her sister Katie.

Katie alone.
A draft of a flyer for Sarah's business.

Another draft of a flyer for Sarah's business.