Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lisa and Tom's Photographs Earns Awards at Connecticut Professional Photography Association Convention

Lisa and Tom's Photographs Earns Awards at Connecticut Professional Photography Association Convention

Six photographs created by Lisa Cuchara of BREA Photos and an additional six photographs created by her husband Tom Cuchara, both of Hamden, CT, recently won awards at the Connecticut Professional Photography Association (CTPPA) 65th annual convention held at the Hartford/Windsor Marriott.  Lisa and Tom co-own BREA Photos ( where they love newborn, children, and portrait photography, as well as teaching photography classes and workshops. You can view their images galleries here:

All told Lisa's six photographic entries earned her sixteen (16) awards: the 2014 Treskunoff Award (for the highest total point score for the 6 prints entered at the convention), Photographer of the Year in the ART/EI category (based on the total accumulated points) from all four quarterly competitions, Photographer of the Year in the unclassified category (based on the total accumulated points) from all four quarterly competitions, 2014 Court of Honor Winners for ART/EI, 2014 Court of Honor Winners for unclassified, Best in Show in the unclassified category, First place in the unclassified category, The 2014 BWC Printmakers Award "Most Creative" ART/EI image, The 2014 Sunset Award (for the "Best print in Exhibition" (selected by the judges from the top ten scoring images), The 2014 Kodak Award, 2014 Artist Images Award (Most Creative image in the unclassified Category), the People's Choice Award (voted on by attendees), and three Judges Choice Awards.

Four of Lisa's photographs ("Feeling out of Place", "Sunflowers Remind me of VanGogh", "Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog" and "Red Chair in the Prison") won Blue ribbons depicting Awards of Expert, and "Never and Line in the Men's Room" and "Contemplation in the Stairway" won Red ribbons depicting Awards of Excellence". "Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog" also earned People's Choice and one of the six Judge's Choice Awards. "Feeling out of Place" also earned one of the six Judge's Choice and the Sunset Award. "Sunflowers Remind me of VanGogh" also earned one of the six Judge's Choice Awards.

Five of Tom's photographs ("Abandoned roses on old glass", "Muscleman", Proud Older Brother", "Romance under the Moon" and "Spring Flowers in the Ornamental Grasses" won Red ribbons depicting Awards of Excellence" and his " Magnolia Tree blooming" won a Blue ribbon depicting an Award of Expert.

"Founded in 1947, the Connecticut Professional Photographers’ Association (CTPPA) is composed of hundreds of professional photographers whose common goal is the ethical advancement of photography. The CTPPA is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America. Members of the CTPPA include professionals with diverse photographic talents and interests; including, but not limited to; portrait, commercial, wedding, medical, legal and school photography. The majority of the members are studio owners and their assistants. All members have a common goal: to provide quality images that fulfill the client’s desires in an ethical, professional and artistic manner."

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Photography workshops, tours and classes

Photography workshops, tours and classes
Lisa and Tom Cuchara have been teaching photography workshops together for over 13 years. They have taught workshops and presented programs at the New England Camera Club Council Conference, and at a number of camera clubs and for the Connecticut Association of Photographers. They offer camera, post-processing and on location classes and workshops. They also offer individual one-on-one workshops. They are patient and enthusiastic, and both very passionate about photography. Lisa's exuberance is contagious and she will inspire you with her skill and enthusiasm. 

You can see what they are offering here: Sign up today (free) to get notified of new workshops are they are posted...

  • Textures Workshop (flower setups, take photos of texture, and learn post-processing using textures)
  • Night photography 
    • at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (or Woodlawn Cemetery)
    • at Longwood Gardens
    • at Trolley Museum
    • at local parks, beaches and piers
  • HDR 
    • (and Macro) at Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum (with tripods)
    • Morovian Tile Factory (with tripods)
    • HDR  (with tripods) at Grand Central Terminal
    • HDR and Architecture inside at Gillette Castle (with tripods)
    • HDR and Architecture at the various theaters (Warner, Palace, Bushnell, Landsdowne Theater, Victory, Sterling Opera House, etc.)
  • Models and Architecture at the Morovian Tile Factory
  • Models at Grand Central Terminal
  • Photo Hi-Jinx (photo setup) Workshop
  • Macro Workshops at various locations
  • Classes on using your Camera, Exposure, Manual, HDR photography, etc.
  • Classes on post-processing (emphasis on layers and masks) 
  • Classes on post-processing using plugins in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Classes on processing RAW images with ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) in CS6 and CC, 
  • Classes on post-processing using Lightroom (emphasis on the Library & Develop modules)
  • Project Nights -- come and work on a HDR or other photography project. We all have lots of images in our computer, these project nights are designed to get your photographs processed and for you to learn a particular post-processing skill you want to learn.

Contact                                 for more information.
Classes and workshops: 

Also, sign up for Lisa's Blog: (free) to receive information about photography -- photo ops, new products, reviews, workshops, articles, exhibitions, etc. etc.

Bio. Lisa and Tom, MNEC, are passionate about photography, both behind the lens and in the digital darkroom. They teach photography a variety of image capture and post-processing workshops and seminars, in the classroom and in the field. They love to photograph nature, but find capturing the essence of people equally intriguing. From birds and flowers to babies and HDR, they appreciate the world around them and embrace the challenge of interpreting what their eyes see and their hearts feel via the camera lens. Tom and Lisa are both very active in many local, national and international photography organizations. Tom is currently the Chair of the Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP). Both Lisa and Tom are past presidents of the New Haven Camera Club, Lisa is also their webmaster and blogmaster. They have been photographing weddings, babies, parties, portraits, etc. professionally for over 15 years and have their own Photography Studio in Hamden. Their portrait philosophy is based on “We do not remember days, we remember Moments”. They have had many successful gallery exhibitions and their photographs have appeared in Adirondack Life, Wild Bird, Birder’s World, in calendars, on the cover of the Wolf Conservation Calendar and on the cover of paperback novel. They have presented a variety of instructional programs and workshops (Photoshop, Digital Workflow, HDR, RAW processing, Travel photography, Bird photography, plus fun and interesting travelogue slideshows at NECCC, PSA, and many other camera clubs and other organizations.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Posing Tips for How to Look Your Best in Photographs

This is a very good article for our models! And for people in general.

Dear Model: Posing Tips for How to Look Your Best in Photographs

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stephanie at the Moravian Tile Factory

Here is a sneak peak of our photo session Sunday at the Moravian Tile Factory. Stephanie was great, lots of expression, easy to work with, and I love all three outfits!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gianna at Grand Central Terminal

Gianna at Grand Central Terminal, see more here

Gianna met us at Grand Central Terminal for a HDR photo shoot, she was wonderful to work with! Flexible mentally and physically. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Joetry

Meet Joetry, see more images from here photo session here.

She was easy to work with and came prepared for lots of different photographs! Looking forward to adding more to her portfolio with an outside photo session now that the weather is getting warmer.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TJ's first birthday cake

TJ's first birthday cake. see more here 

We had fun photographing TJ with his first birthday cake. At first he did not seem to know what to do with it, then he proceeded to eat it systematically, if we had not intervened he might have kept eating and eating, LOL.