Monday, February 25, 2008

Bride picks wedding photos

These newlyweds recently picked out a whole bunch of photographs for us to print. This wedding reception was at Cascade (Hamden) -- such a beautiful place!

Here are just a few of the photographs that we enlarged for them.

Cascade's dance floor makes such a wonderful backdrop...

We even got the bride and groom outside...

I really liked this image, so much so that I took it and created a watercolor version of it for ourselves...the difference is subtle here small on the blog, but take a closer look in the second (watercolor) image at the rocks, the bricks and the flowers -- it looks great LARGE!

I just LOVE black and white and color, so we were very pleased to see that the bride ordered this photograph of the wedding party.

The bride also had three absolutely beautiful and lively flowers girls.

I could not resist make a collage of the flower girls.

The groom was in a fraternity and his groomsmen were GREAT! What fun!
Here they are upstairs during the cocktail hour "practicing"

These next three photographs were not amongst those that were not chosen, but in telling the story of the above photo I had to include them...

After they serenaded the bride they rocked the house, and I mean rocked!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wedding Collages

We have been creating photo collages for some time now. The engagement, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, cutting the cake -- these events lend themselves very easily to collages because often one photo does not tell the complete story. They look great up on the wall and are often purchased as gifts for parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, etc.

For family portraits our collages are also popular because we can put the group photo in the center and then all of the individual families (or individuals depending upon the family size) around the center image. Collages also work very well for "baby parts" and our "grow with me" baby and children's packages.

Pet photo collages are fun too! I swear that this labrador (Madison) is like Winn Dixie and he smiles!

Here is a collage of a dance that the bride's brother requested. Everyone enjoyed the dance and Jerry got the attention that he deserved.

Our collages are usually very free flowing, but we recently started creating some more "formal" collages and I think that these really pop. They are 16x20 and look great up on the wall.

We have posted photos of this beautifully adorable flowergirl before. We just had to try out some of our new collages using her!

Stained Glass Bride and Groom

Tom took a photograph of a beautiful stained glass window inside the church where Pat and Lisa were married. We took this photograph and replaced the stained glass portion with a stained glass photo of Lisa and Pat. We have never done anything like this before, but I really like it!

Wedding collages, formals AND fun!

We had a lot of fun when we recently delivered photographs to a bride and groom. We met at the groom's parents house where it looked like they were having a little "wedding photo party". The groom's parents, the bride's parents, the groom's sister, plus the groom's brother and sister-in-law (with a little boy on the way) were also there. We showed them the slideshow of their awesome wedding day and we really enjoyed their reactions. Lisa's father commented that he loved every photo, but I have a secret feeling that this one was one of his favorites...

Both the wedding couple and the bride's mother ordered coffee table books. The bride's mother also ordered two collages and we were very impressed with the groom's mother as got right down to business and chose ~60 photos that she wanted us to print for her.

Here are two of the collages that the bride's mother ordered.

Here is a sampling of the photos that the groom's mother ordered.

We had a LOT of fun at Lisa and Pat's wedding, everyone was so easy to get photograph and they were all having such a great time. We were quite pleased that the groom's parents ordered some of the "fun photos" too (in addition to the "expected" formal photographs).

As the bridal party and parents were waiting to be introduced Tom saw Pat's Dad try to peak in thru the window. Tom loves the spontaneity of people and when he saw this he asked him to do it again so that he could capture it. We were pleased that they ordered it!

This was photograph of Pat with his grandmother was one of Tom's favorites...

This photo of Pat's parents came out so nice that I could not help but print a larger copy of it for them.

The wedding ceremony had a "secret part" -- the Reverend asked all married couples to stand and renew their vows. Pat's brother was at the alter so we captured Lori and Ryan renewing their vows.

Tom caught up with Ryan and Lori at the reception and captured this of the two of them. Congrats to both of them as they are expecting a little baby boy in the middle of March!

The bride and her new sister-in-law

Pat's mother ordered a copy of this photograph (above) of Pat's sister with her new sister-in-law. Pat's sister is soooo beautiful that I could not resist cropping this photo and making a fine art image of his sister.

White throated sparrows in the snow

We have lots of white-throated sparrows that visit our backyard. As you read earlier, I had a lot of fun photographing the birds this morning in the snowstorm.

Enjoy these five white-throated sparrow photographs.

The background on this bird was very bright and almost looked "hi-key" so I made this one into a Black and White photograph.

Snowy Friday Backyard Birds

If you remember I was very envious that Tom got to photograph our birds in the backyard on each of days for the President's birthdays. Well today...Hehe...while Tom was using the snow blower this morning I was using his 300mm f2.8 lens on the deck. I just love these photos with the snowflakes coming down! Here are photos that I took today in the snow...

This little downey woodpecker landed so close to me I almost was too close to focus (I had to lean back a little)

I was playing around with this image in photoshop and came up with the Black and White and Red.
I apply this affect a lot for our brides and I am always silently ecstatic when I get to a Bride's house and see color in her bouqet. I know that white flowers with her white dress is always classic but I miss the opportunity to be able to apply this selected color technique.

This Tufted Titmouse just posed for me.

Tom put our Christmas tree out back when we took it down so that we could use it for our photos. The entrie time that I was outside only this one bird landed on it (it was very close to me and there was no food near it) but I just love the little gal (female Junco) on the evergreen with the snow.

4 photos of male Juncos

Another female junco