Friday, May 30, 2008


We posted on Craig's List looking to photograph bands and musicians. Here we are with a photograph of Breanna and the Spice Girls, Yes really, we also photographed her with Jimi Hendrix and with Elvis -- at the WAX museum :-) We even got to "meet" Prince while we were in NYC, ok so he might have melted had he left the building but it was still fun.


iBreanna -- very fun and east to create, from almost any image (since you are making a silhouette out of it it doesn't even have to be properly exposed or tack sharp).

I found a website where you can numerically enter in the 'Apple colors' so these greens, blue and purples are genuine.

Teenagers are the obvious choice for the "i" theme but babies, dogs and adults can be done up this way too...

OK now here is a real live (no wax) beautiful actress that Tom photographed.

I was playing around with the 'onone' frames ( and created these two versions of this photograph.

Here is the B&W with a hint of chocolate action again, I really like the effect.

OK here is a sample of what her final poster/CD cover/magazine spread could look like. The words are actually a brush in Photoshop from Sandy Puc.

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