Friday, July 27, 2012

Shawn and her Cats, Bald IS Beautiful

We had been talking to Shawn about photographing her three (bald) cats for months. Then a friend called us and said that this woman with the fabulous smile and positive attitude called us was diagnosed with cancer and we should schedule the photo shoot now because she was going to shave her head bald before the chemo did it for her. So Edie and Shawn arrived at our Studio with two calm and one stressed cats. We had a blast photographing the cats in the cubelite, and then all three cats with Shawn. What a role model this woman is, I am blessed to have met her.

The photo above was her favorite from the session, the headpiece and her expression make it a great choice

The photo below was my favorite from the session. 
Tom asked her to think of a memory and I just love the expression that he captured.

You can tell a LOT about her spirit, as it definitely came through in her images. 

Below is the composite that she had us create. 
It was printed large and the woman at the print lab commented on the cats!

Sadly, Bobbee passed away not long after this photo session :-( 
So sad, our pets are such an important part of our lives.

Tikki had a great personality when she was with us, we took oodles of photographs of her in the cubelite.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wedding of Ashley and Mike

Ashley and Mike's wedding was a dream. We photographed Ashley's brothers' wedding a few years ago, so it was great to see Sean and Kelly, and their brand new daughter. We knew that Ashley and Mike had a strong connection and great personalities because we had such a fantastic time photographing their engagement! They were wonderful to work with. Photography was important to them and they mapped out day to include lots of time for photographs. 

It was quite refreshing not to have to be rushed and forced to miss awesome shots of a wedding couple. That is the only time I am ever frustrated at a wedding, when the bride and groom spend all this time planning a spectacular day at a  spectacular church and have a grand reception but do not leave any time to create these lasting memories that will persist for generations to come. That was definitely NOT the case for this couple! Wahoo!

Tom dropped me off where Ashley was getting dressed, and one of the images of her looking out the window is one of my favorite all time wedding images! Tom had lots of time, and lots of fun, with Mike and the groomsmen and Dads at the church before the ceremony. Their ceremony was full of meaning and the priest stressed the importance of everyone "being present" at the wedding. they had lots of time for formals, and fun photographs outside the church. Their was a great tree outside the church and a wonderful water/bridge area too -- and we got to use both!! 

Then we went to the Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge -- wow!!! What a place! We had great light too, soft bright cloudy makes for wonderful portraits. 

"The Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge in Simsbury, Connecticut is an example of 19th century metal-truss bridge construction. Originally designed and built in 1892, it spans 183 feet and carries a 12-foot roadway suspended 18 feet over the beautiful Farmington River. It was originally designed as a one lane, one way bridge used for vehicular traffic. It was replaced by a modern 2-lane bridge a few hundred feet to the North in 1992. In 1995, it was restored as a unique bridge. In 1996, inspired by the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, MA, groups began to develop community gardens on & around the historic Old Drake Hill Bridge. The picturesque 48 flower boxes, 32 hanging baskets and Cottage Gardens are planted and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers."

After the flower bridge we went to their reception location, The Riverview, where we took more photographs and lots of family photos before they were introduced. The Riverview is spectacular inside and out and we made sure to bring Ashley and Mike back outside once it got dark. 

Little did I know when I was capturing Ashley looking out the window that Tom was capturing Mike looking at the church window, as if they were longingly waiting to be in each others arms. 


The entertainment was provided by (Emcee/DJ/Coordinator) Sal Fusco who not only provided awesome entertainment and music, but who communicated with us and kept us in the know for what was to transpire next.

The awesome lighting at their reception was done by: CJC Event Lighting

and the flowers and fabulous table arrangements were created by Sylvia Nichols, Cheshire Nursery

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Butterfly Art

Tom and I were just driving around and we came upon this field of weeds with lots of Monarchs and other butterflies and moths flying around.  This particular image just called to me to convert it into an artistic image.

Andrea and Todd

Andrea and Todd had a wonderful wedding, calm, romantic and full of joy! We had a great time photographing this wedding, it was full of emotion and love, but without any chaos. Their kids were fun to photograph too! Take a look online at the rest of the photographs in their galleries. Their wedding and reception was at a fabulous location, a brunch at the Hawthorne Inn in Berlin, CT. The always outdoes itself, with their staff, Jennifer is fantastic, their food, and their attention to detail!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kerry Ann and Esan -- pre-wedding photographs

We photographed Kerry Ann and Esan at Edgerton Park in New Haven. What a great place for a photo session.

What a couple! They definitely have a spark!!

This is the photograph that they chose for their signature photo. It was one of my favorites!

You can view their images online here on our website. 

Their wedding is going to be romantic, fun and joyous. They are getting married at the beach at Anthony's. Flipflops, Sunsets, Romance, here we come...