Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer turns 6 months

I have been using a lot of actions in Photoshop lately. Here are 4 versions of our cute little Golden Retriver puppy (Summer) that I made into a 16 x 20 poster.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Sneak Peak at Tasha & Brandon

Last Saturday we photographed a fairy tale wedding at the magnificant St. Peter's Church followed by a reception at La Renaissance (beautiful grounds, a foggy ethereal first dance and great food). Tasha and Brandon were blessed with an absolutely perfect day.

We first met Tasha when she was a bridesmaid for Kesha (who in their wedding party and who is due any day now with a little baby girl that we look forward to photographing).

This picture of Brandon looks like a poster for the latest release at the movies theaters!

I always enjoy having the opportunity to go photograph the bride and her bridesmaids when they are getting ready for the wedding. It is a very pleasantly hectic but calm time where I can create some wonderful candid and posed images...

The bride's grandmother hosted a great brunch for the ladies as they were getting ready.

I always love Black & White and color. I know that brides with 'white on white' bouquets are very classy but I am personally slightly disappointed because I know that I will not have the opportunity to create these 'touch of color' images.

Tasha's flowers were just right and her bouquet was customized with a special memory of her brother.

Tasha's dad, l0oking quite debonair, had a nice looong aisle to walk her down.

Look how happy Tasha and Brandon both look walking down the aisle during the recessional.

La Renaissance had wonderful grounds, gazebos, bridges, a pond, etc. -- what a spectacular place for wedding photographs!

Here is a collage of five of our favorite photos.

We had a great time photographing Tasha & Brandon and wish them a long and happy life together!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eighth Grade Dinner Dance

Here are photos of Breanna (and Kismet and Ashton) going to the eighth grade dinner dance.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Meet Bryson!

As we blogged recently, one of our '2008 promotions' is that we are offering 'no sitting fee' photo sessions for "Bellies and Babies" (maternity where mom's belly is beyond her bust and little newborn babies). in order to create new portrait samples.

This handsome baby was born on May 13th (weighing only 5lb 4oz).

We photographed him when he was four weeks old (~7 lb).

His sleep deprived parents were very accomodating and we had such a great time photographing this little guy!!

They are only tiny tiny for a VERY short time. We like to focus in and capture little feet and toes before they slip away into roller skates and soccer cleats. . . it happens sooner that you think!

Can you believe that this little tike will be walking off to kindergarden and then asking for the car keys in the blink of an eye...
His parents will look back and remember when he was so small he fit into his Dad's forearm!

Mom is a graphic designer. We are looking forward to teaming up with her to offer our clients, especially our brides, some custom work. Please check out her website

But today she is a Mom and she exemplifies the main reason that we shoot the majority of our infant sessions with such shallow depth of field -- as this setting helps to depict how suddenly the parents whole world is about that little person. Though everything else around them may be out of focus, the one thing that matters is perfectly clear!

This little boy was sooo good. He slept and allowed his parents to move him around like jello to get these great images. We learned this pose at Sandy Puc "Bellies & Babies" seminar.

One of my favorite actions -- chocolate applied to B&W

Their dog Max reminded me a little bit our our Amethyst. We did manage to get ONE photograph of Max interacting with "his competition" :-) as Max is clearly "daddy's boy" too!

Despite being sleep deprived Mom was radiant. This little guy obviously brightens her whole world!

again, B&W with rich chocolate.

We have a lot of wonderful photos of the three of them and I know that we will be posting more photos here soon. Hope that you enjoyed the "sneak peak" at this little angel...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Warner Theatre Amadeus Actors

On Monday Tom photographed the actors for the upcoming play Amadeus at the Warner Theatre in Torrington (

I edited the photgraphs and then converted them to black & white. I have such fun with Photoshop. We have photographed actors for other Warner Theatre plays in the past and we always enjoy being able to provide headshots for the actors.

Here is a collage of the actors. The photographs of the individual actors are below.

You can check out more photos of these talented actors on our website