Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday cards

You still have plenty of time to order to order holiday cards!

Click here to view 77 different templates to choose from to choose your 4x8 holiday cards. All 77 templates can also be vertical as well as as they are displayed horizontally. They are $35 for 25 cards, including envelopes and custom wording. We can turn these 4x8s cards around pretty quickly.

We do also offer press printed 4.5x 5, 5x5 and 5x7 folded holiday cards -- just ask us and we can help you design a unique card to send out.

I just had to share this card with you -- isn't she precious!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hazel and Dave

Tom had a LOT of fun photographing Hazel and Dave! They both were very involved in the process and I think Dave gave Tom some useful feedback too. I know that Tom would love to have them back in the studio for more photos.

You can view more photos from their session on our website:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Leilani at 9 months old

Remember little Leilani?

We photographed her in her mommy's belly:
At 4 weeks old
At 8 weeks old
At 3 months old
and then they moved to Oklahoma (Daddy is in the Army)

Well, here she is at 9 months old -- soooo cute -- and already walking!

I just LOVE the black and white and color!

Isn't this the most precious thing!

We are going to put this next one up in our studio -- one of my all time favorite images!

I cannot decide between the color and the Black and white -- love them both.

Such a cute little thing...

OK, gotta try her with the teacup

An artistic version
She was not thrilled about being put IN the teacup!

I am going to take some from this next series of her in the bucket and do some of my digital magic with it and put her in other scenes -- stayed tuned for some of those!

Just happened to grab this. It reminds me of those lawn ornaments.

Just too cute!

She will be coming back in around Christmas for more photos -- look for her in a purple velvet dress and in a Santa suit!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alicia and Michael's Engagement

We had a great time photographing Alicia and Michael this fall. They are getting married at the Aqua Turf in the Spring and we went there for their engagement shoot. What great smiles!!

We took a couple hundred photographs, from closeups to "scenics" and even some really fun Taekwondo setups (and I just had to make a fun short video from their Taekwondo photos). We cannot wait until their wedding day to capture their memories for generations to come.

Up close and far away, they were both so much fun to work with!

Wow -- the reflections were awesome, what a place, what a couple!

We saw this right before their photo session and just had to try it -- Tom used a fast lens with a wide aperture and focued on their hands and her engagement ring. I LOVE it!

Another composition with the same idea.

And we will leave you with one more slideshow of the two of them...

Friday, November 13, 2009


We photographed little baby Claire, just four weeks old. We photographed their parent's wedding a few years ago. She is just a little angel! You can see more photos from her photo session on our website:

You can also view her slideshow here:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Canvas and collages

Here are some photographs that Linda recently ordered.

A wonderful canvas of the family....

A photograph of Linda and her husband. Their oldest daughter Hannah really liked this photograph and encouraged her Mom to buy it.

This collage was ordered as a gift.

And I created a few different versions of this collage for their home. They wanted one with five photos to compliment Hannah's Bat Mitzvah collage. Which collage do you like best?

I personally like this one, but I have not seen how the collage of Hannah looks so this might not match as well as the above.

The last one is the same as the last one except it has a texture applied to it like a mat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Save the Date

Malek and Shakira had such an amazing engagement session -- this couple has an energy between them that is wonderful to witness.
They have ordered 'save the date' cards -- here is a sneak peak.
They are very excited and we cannot wait until we get to photograph their wedding in May!