Thursday, May 28, 2009

We actually got to GO to a wedding

Tom and I rarely go to weddings (when we are not working that is) but recently we have two as Bob and Laura got married a few weeks ago (and our nephew is getting married in a couple of weeks). It is very strange to sit back and just enjoy ourselves.

Of course we always take a few snapshots...

Like Tom and I, Bob and Laura met via our photography (they met at NECCC last summer) and there were two tables from NHCC and a table from CT-PPA.

Before the toast the best man described a conversation that he had with Bob about his photography a while back: he was trying to ascertain if Bob might be interested in selling his photographs, etc. -- making money from his hobby since he had bought all this photography equipment. Bob's reply was that he would be very happy if he ever made back his investment on his photography equipment. Bob's Best Man at the wedding added to this story that Bob had indeed made back more than ten-fold on his investment because that very investment resulted in him meeting and marrying Laura!

Tom had a little fun that evening, trying some interesting flash patterns, panning while the couples walked in, dragging the shutter, etc. Here are four composites of photos that Tom took -- the whole day both Bob and Laura were just BEAMING. Two very happy people!

I am never in the photographs because I am always behind the lens, but I made it into a few that night. Even Art's bunny made it into the photographs!

To view a few of the photos that Tom took that evening please check out this gallery:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eliza iPod session

Meet Eliza, a wonderful and energetic young lady. We photographed her for this iPod session and ended up taking a large variety of images. She was a pleasure to work with! we will be photographing her Bat Mitzvah in June.

I created the first iPod Eliza and then I found an image that I thought would work even better, then I could not choose so I found a third image and this is the collage that we created for Eliza's signature photograph for her party after her Bat Mitzvah (Hulahanks)

We loved her hair so we also tried one with her lying down and her hair splayed out. I do like the way that it turned out, except that she looks like she is college age not 13!

Here is the same image without the iPod silhouette effect applied...

OK, these next few were really fun. We had poor Eliza doing all kinds of jumps, splits, etc. etc. So for these next few she got to sit indian style on our posing stool, which I later removed in here she is on cloud nine...

Adding in the iPod and now she is on cloud nine listening to her favorite tunes...

Can you tell the different between these next two???
Hint click on them to make them larger.
OK no hocus pocus for this one, just a wonderful portrait of this beautiful young lady.

Like I said we had a great session, creating many more images than anticipated. Here is a collage of a few..

I had to include the last one, in black and white, because I loved the cheerleading move whjere she jumped up and was almost completely horizontal in the air. Can you tell that she is a flyer in cheerleading?
We are looking forward to photographing Eliza's Bat Mitzvah and her party at Hulahanks afterwards. To see more of here photographs from this session take a look at her gallery on our website:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ryan and Conner

I got to go watch Ryan and Conner play SOCCER.

Both games were at the same time so I photographed Conner's game and then switched to Ryan's game at half-time. They both played very well and you could tell that they enjoyed the game. After their games I photographed just the two of them playing soccer in their backyard.

I posted a few composites and a couple of photos here (click on the to see them larger). You can see more photographs from that day here:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Backyard Bird -- Carolina Wren

We like to take trips now and again, but often great images can be captured right in your own back yard. We both love Carolina Wrens and they do frequent the feeders in the backyard and we have had them nest in the yard on several occasions (once on the front door in a wreath, LOL).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Charles and Family

We photographed Charles, Cheryl, Elli and Ally -- what beautiful girls! wow!!

I just love the expressions on the girls faces. They came in dressed so beautifully and the colors worked just great with our background too.

When it comes to nature photography 99% of my photographs are color, but when it comes to people I still tend to be drawn to Black and White. It just shows the soul of the person.

There were sooo many great expressions -- I could not decide upon just one favorite so I just had to make this montage!

Monday, May 11, 2009

After the Image Challenge Winners -- Honorable Mention to Lisa Cuchara

After the Image Challenge Winners

May 11, 2009

Ok we have our winners finally for our After the Image challenge. The Challenge was to produce an image that was sellable and that was modified after the original image. We all would like to sell images straight out of the camera, but more often than not - there are times when we see an image and think we can do more - and then we do - and then it sells - and then it goes from an ordinary image to something amazing.

The First Winner was: Danielle. Roxanne from Pixel2Canvas picked her as the winner. And Danielle wins a canvas from Pixel2Canvas!Nice work!!

Our Honorable Mention went to Lisa Cuchara
I love that she was able to take the distracting elements away for a classic portrait. Lisa won a Sugar Card template from Photographer Cafe

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leah iPod session and more

We recently photographed Leah in our Studio in order to create an iPod portrait for everyone to sign (the mat) at her Bat Mizvah.

Here are four photographs, including two iPod portraits from her session. Leah's wonderful Bat Mizvah dress has a sash that is almost identical to the iPod green color. The last image will be the one that we bring for her friends to sign. More to come from the Bat Mizvah and then the reception afterwards.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

TJ and Matthew

We took photographs of Tyler (TJ) and Matthew, the grandchildren of Edie and Tom. They came all prepared with a couple of outfit changes, etc. even their new karate uniforms.

We took sooo many great photographs, lots of outfits, lots of poses, and LOTS of expressions -- here is a composite of each of them in their karate uniform.

We had taken photographs of Tom a couple of months ago and the kids remembered the silhoutettes that we had taken and asked us if they could have silhoutettes taken too.
We will post more as we process them!