Sunday, May 18, 2008

Laurel Ridge Daffodils 4-26-08

Tom and I went up to Laurel Ridge to photograph the Daffodils.

I was there the week before and there were lots of great flowers, but it was only 25% peak. The day that we went it was at peak! And the weather was great too.

I met weatherman Geoff Fox there. He actually came over and volunteered to hold my reflector for me. He was very friendly, easy to talk to and quite the photographer. He actually took photos of me taking photos (and sent them to me).

Both of these are photos that Geoff took.

I love all the shades of green that appear in the Spring. The sky, the green leaves and the colors of the daffodils all work to create this Spring image.

Then I walked to the right a little and photographed this same tree from 3:00 instead of 6:00 and have a compelely different look because of the different varieties of daffodils on that side.

Selective color is something that I often reserve for brides, but I like it here too.

I thought that this photograph was strong enough to use as a watercolor too.

I also love the fiddleheads at Laurel Ridge. Small and curled up like a newborn baby waiting for the sun to make them unfold.

I turned these photographs into black and white photographs after I was back home. I prefer B&W for people because it allows you to see their soul rather concentrate on their clothes, but sometimes B&W works for other subject too...

People watched as Tom set up this photograph and then had to run all the way to the well before the shutter tripped.

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