Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grow with me -- Two years

Here is a composite of Peyton's first two years...

Grow with me...At no time in your child's life will physical changes occur so rapidly. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny, helpless bundle is transformed into an active, robust and inquisitive youngster.

Plan to visit us, your photographer, at least three times during your baby's first year. The first visit preferably should be when you baby is sleeping, all curled up. The littler the better. Then again when they are crawling, and then again when they are walking. At Six Months . . . babies are so loveable! Cuddly and responsive, yet still dependent. Strengthened muscles let them sit up and take part in the world around them. Often happy-go-lucky, they crave attention and delight in having an audience. Portraits at this age are a perfect time to reveal chubby little arms and legs and even backsides!

At Nine Months . . . Many babies begin to strike out on their own. Still dependent on their parents, but starting to explore an ever-expanding world . . .well on the way to becoming a real little person and letting everyone know . . . "You won't hold on to me for long!"

One Year . . . The permanent facial characteristics begin to reveal a family likeness and individual character . . . still a baby, yet emerging as a robust and inquisitive child who is ready to meet the world. For the child who is now walking, the perfect message of the portrait is "I'm free!"

Around the second birthday, a major milestone is achieved. The toddler now responds to reason, humor, and action. Totally unpredictable, but always adorable... expect them to be loveable, shy, rowdy, or reserved as they begin to explore the world around them... here one minute and gone the next!

Still toddlers, most three-year-olds have discovered how to entertain themselves.
The world of toddlers is filled with portrait opportunities that capture the mystery and fantasy that are so much a part of these joyful days of discovery and make-believe that fade so soon.

A Birthday cake session also makes for great first birthday 'Thank You' cards.

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