Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kim and Nic (and Samantha on the way) had the pleasure of photographing Kim and Nic. Kim is just an absolutely radiant mom-to-be! We captured some fun and some classic maternity photographs. To view more of their session take a look at their gallery on our website. This was one of those portrait sessions that yielded so many "artists' favorites" that I had trouble picking which images to post here on the Blog.

We cannot wait to meet Samantha in a few weeks!


Professional pregnancy photos capture a woman's special beauty during this time. Every woman's pregnancy is unique and she can look completely different from her first pregnancy to her second one.

Pregnant women have a beautiful radiance about them and that radiance certainly show in these treasured maternity pictures. We love to capture that glow, especially with black and white pregnancy portraits.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jessica Wedding Dress

We were lucky enough to photograph Jessica in her mother Kim's wedding dress at Booth Memorial Park. What a great place for photographs!
What a great smile!

We just loved this weeping willow tree as a backdrop.
Wish that we could have one for all our photo sessions!

 You can see the difference in the background between Tom's photo, left, with the blown out background and great bokeh (taken with his 70-200 f 2.8) and mine taken with the 24-105.
They give such different effects and that is one of the great things about us as a husband and wife photography team, we can take "the same photograph" and each come up with something unique.
All portrait sessions and events have a place for both styles so you get very complimentary photographs...

I have dreamt about taking a photograph of a bride against a red barn for a long, long time. 

 I saw these stones as we first drove up and could not wait to get Jessica against them. Love them!!!

The building next to the brind stones was also very interesting and made for a unique background.

I really had fun processing these, making them look very contrasty...

Another example of moody and contrasty...
Thank you Jessica!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jessica in the Blue Dress

We photographed Jessica in a lovely blue dress over at Booth Memorial Park (what an awesome place for photographs!). You can view more images from her session in her gallery on our website.

Jessica was absolutely wonder to work with and has an amazingly awesome smile !

I have been to Booth Memorial a few times before but somehow I have never seen this particular area before
This stone alter was a wonderful backdrop for Jessica.

The colors of the fountain just complimented her blue dress -- wow!

So late in the year and yet the roses and other flowers were still blooming. There were also a lot of birds and we saw a few people there with spotting scopes but did not get to talk to them to ask them what birds they were looking at. I just love the way that the wind is blowing her hair in the photograph on the right. With Jessica and that single we took photographs from a few different angles and it was hard to choose which I liked best. There is one in her gallery where she has the rose in her hand and is looking straight at the camera...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kimberly's Senior Portrait Session

Here are a few highlights (Artists choice) of Kim's Senior Session. Do those eyes look familiar? Remember Nicole, Kim is Nicole's sister and they have the same awesome eyes! For Kim's session we used three different backgrounds and she wore three different outfits. As you can see from the photos some were serious and some were just plain fun!

Check out the rest of Kim's photographs in her gallery on our website.

Check out Kim's video here, great a variety of expressions, etc. We had a fun session!

As you can see below Kim looks great when she is being serious and when she smiles.

I just cannot decide if I like the next one better in B&W or in color....

Her wonderful long hair was almost a prop in and of itself.

We just LOVED her shoes (see the last image too, it is likely to adorn our walls)!


whether looking at the camera or looking down and away, just beautiful!


I can think of a dozen different titles for this next one!

This next pose (and hair style) was one of Tom's ideas


I love the post-processed effect of this next one, almost looks like a sketch.

This next one looks like the cover of a magazine, definitely one of my favorites...


Nicole's idea was to use this white fur as a prop and contrast if with Kim's hair -- great idea! The color versions of this are equally effective, but these high contrasty versions reallt popped for me

Kim has hundreds to choose from. Which ones will she put in her yearbook? And which ones will she select for her album? choices, choices, choices...Check out the rest of Kim's photographs in her gallery on our website.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ashley and Mike -- Engagement session

We photographed Ashley and Mike two weeks ago for their Engagement session. Wow, what a session! They wanted the portrait session at Quinnipiac because they both graduated from there and the grounds are awesome so we met at the Mount Carmel Campus and afterwards went to the York Hill campus. Ashley and Mike were so easy to work with, and that fact combined with the awesome venue, meant that we took a few hundred photographs! You can view the highlights here in their  video

You can view our top 100 favorites here in their gallery on our website and all of the photographs from their session here in his this gallery on our website.

Ashley's father also surprised her and purchase a few printed photographs and gave them to the wonderful couple yesterday at their Engagment party at the Victorian House in Cheshire. One of the photographs was this bottom image of the two of them on top of the QU marble. The original image (top) was SOOC (straight out of the camera) while the bottom image was the final result of merging three images and creating a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph.

This next image looks like something on the cover of a magazine...Tom took this with that awesome 70-200,, f 2.8 lens -- gotta love what that lens can do for selective focusing! Love it!

This next image had a "fairytale" effect applied to it and I really like the way that it turned out!

These next two photographs were Tom's idea.
He had Ashley and Mike sit and look a tthe blank black screen in the York Hill campus center, knowing that we would add in a photograph of them via Photoshop! Fun!

We had an absolutely great day photographing Ashley and Mike! What a fantastic couple!