Sunday, May 18, 2008

Magic Wings

We got up very early (leaving Hamden at 5am) for this excursion to Magic Wings (South Deerfield, Ma) but it was worth it. The advantage of going so early is that we have the whole place to ourselves, we can use our tripods and importantly that the butterflies are still warming up and hence slower and easier to photograph.

Here are two butterflies, the second one took first place in the New Haven Camera Club May print competition.

There were lots of interesting flowers too.
After the butterflies warmed up they move fast and thus were harder to capture, hence I started photographing some of the flowers.

The Hibiscus were just beautiful and the pistels and stamens just caught my eye. In the first photo I tried a profile while the second I used selective focus to have a red background against the in focus pistels and stamens

Lastly, there were some new animals at Magic Wings and they took them out for us to photograph.

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