Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The McFarlane's

We photographed Valynne and her husband Bernard, plus their two 'kids'. I put 'kids' in quotes because they are both grown and in fact Aaron has recently gotten engaged.




I was trying something creative here, paint brushed the edges of the photo and then put a keyline around them.

OK, above is Aaron in color. I have been trying different Black and White conversions. Below are three different versions. The 1st one to me is too flat. I like the second one but the third one (a B&W conversion with a hint of chocolate) is my favorite. Which one do you prefer?

The action that made the above B&W is called "B&W with rich chocolate"

Here is Jackie, soon to be Aaron's wife...

I just love this B&W rendition of the two of them. Perhaps they will use it as a signature photograph for their wedding reception.

A collage of the whole McFarlane family. I used an action purchased from MCPActions to create this collage.

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