Sunday, May 18, 2008

Backyard Birds

Tom sat outside in the backyard and took photos of birds coming in to our feeders. We have lots of catbirds, adults and babies. They are so pretty with their shades of gray and then the rust color underneath.

This catbird was displaying -- how cool is that!

Goldfinch in non-breeding colors.

Red bellied woodpecker on a log that Tom set up with some suet.

We have lots of black capped chickadees...

The nuthatches are adorable! They were one of the first small birds that I learned to identify as a child, I can still remember reading in the bird book "one of the few birds that walks headfirst DOWN the tree trunk" and sure enough there it was...

I was just elling Jim Zipp that we very rarely get grosbeaks (or orioles) and the next day two appeared (one female and one immature male). Now our friend Gary just a mile away got a beautfil male grosbeak. I have placed the link here -- definitely check it out -- it is spectacular!!

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Anonymous said...

Your bird images are really great shots. I've seen quiet a few bird shots by the pro's and your images are as good or BETTER.