Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lisa's Daffodils

These are some of my daffodil photographs. I used two lenses, a Sigma 180mm macro lens and then my Canon 28-300mm IS lens for these images. I used my knee pads to enable me to get low and then diffusers or reflectors to adjust the light.

I swear that it looks like Tom and I photographed the same daffodil. Tens of thousands of flowers, we did not see each other all morning, but we came home and a half an hour apart Tom and I both captured this flower from behind. I was was isolated, but if you had challenged us to both come home with the same image I am sure that it would not have happened.

I just loved the soft light in this photograph.

I kept trying to get different perspectives, down low and including different backgrounds.

This photograph is the one that weatherman Geoff Fox held the reflector for. IO just loved the way that the leaf popped up thru the flower, but the right side was in the shadows, hence I was using the reflector to bounce light into that side.

Getting down on my belly brought a few strange looks from the other visitors, but I knew that it was worth it. I saw the blue sky that could become the background by lying on the ground and knew that it would work well.

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