Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meet Alessa

We had such an awesome session with Alessa -- her parents brought her in at one week old and she slept through the first hour!! This combination enabled us to get some of those "Miracle images". It is hard to get out within those first few days, but babies are only truly newborn for a short time. Within the first ten days they stop sleeping so soundly and so much, they discover their legs and are not curled up anymore.

The session went so well and we took a LOT of photographs! What an adorable baby girl. These parents are definitely blessed with this little angel! You can view more images from her session here on our website.

I love when they sleep and you can mold them like playdough. Mom brought this hat (from Etsy) in with her for the session. Can you get much cuter?
Her birth announcements...

 I love the angel wings!
You might see that one on display in our Studio, one of my favorites.

 This Christmas hat was big enough to allow us to cover her from head to tush...
We post-process this in photoshop to make it look this way, she was an inch away from a bean bag and safe at all times 

Special Delivery...and she is looking right at us.

Angelic baby!

Mom and Dad ordered the middle photograph as an 16x20 for their wall. I love the little feet!
 The bottom one is the result of the fast lens and wide open settings that were used. Cute little toes. Tiny.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The most romantic proposal!!

After a decade of being together, Sid finally proposed to my long time love Sara.

The following movie trailer was shown on December 12th 2010 at 4pm at the Red River Theater in Concord NH. Sara had no idea.

He ordered custom-made muppets resembling each of them, made this movie trailer, found a theatre that would preview it, got Sara to the theatre -- and proposed!!!

If you cannot see the video then click here

Read the whole story here:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Summer 6 months old

Remember Summer? We photographed her when she was just 9 days old and also when she was in mom's belly. Such a happy baby! Too cute! Nicole brought in an adorable outfit for Summer. Precious...

You can view more images from her 6-months-old session here on our website.

Which is your favorite images?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday cards

We have been getting lots of orders for Holiday cards! Order yours now!

Photographic 4x8 cards, with envelopes
25 for $35

Check out some new templates for cards -- Holiday Cards, Save the Date cards, Wedding Thank You cards, Birth announcements, Seniors, Graduation : LOTS to choose from!

Press printed:

Prices: Flat Cards -- 5x7 or 5x5 or 4x8.5, with envelopes
24 for $80
100 for $220

Prices: 5x7 or 5x5 Folded, with envelopes
24 for $125
100 for $370

Want a simple design for your press printed cards -- with just one photo and some text, no artwork, deduct $15.

Want just the edited JPG to print your own cards you can purchase JPG file with rights to print for $50 each.

You can even use the edited JPG file to make your own postage stamps at

Here is an order that I received today for Photographic 4x8 cards

We were so happy that they chose that image, one of our favorites. I just love that photo -- it is likely to go onto the wall in our Studio!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Julianne and Jake

We had a lot of fun photographing Julianne and Jake. Julianne had such a beautiful dress on and a great smile, someone who smiles with her eyes not just her mouth. And Jake just sat in one place and let us take lots of photographs of him alone! You can view more images from their session here on our website.

This was our personal favorite from the session. I think that you could hold a caption contest for this image "My sister works as Santa's helper?"
"where's your reindeer?"
"are you my sister?"
"If you are Santa's elf then what does that make me?"
"I'm cute even when I am not looking at the camera"
I just love it!

This next one might is another favorite.

We enjoy collages like this -- so many expressions!

So hard to be an older sister when your cute little brother gets all the attention. But when she left we asked Julianne if she would come back again and she smiled and said yes.

 Isn't he most adorable?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tom & Lisa Cuchara win awards for their photography at 2010 Tops in Connecticut

For Immediate Release

Tom and Lisa Cuchara of BREA Photos in Hamden recently won awards for their photography at 2010 Tops in Connecticut. Lisa and Tom run BREA photos, a Hamden Photography Studio. The 2010 Tops in Connecticut (the 26th edition of this every two year event), sponsored by CAP (The Connecticut Association of Photographers) was judged on Sunday, November 21, 2010.

500 total photographs were entered and 100 were accepted. Four of Lisa and Tom's photographs were accepted for the show and Lisa's photograph "Holding Precious Newborn" earned Best Portrait.

Contact: Tom and Lisa Cuchara

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Samantha 5 days old!

We photographed Samantha when she was in Mom's belly, well here she is! Adorable! Welcome to the world little one...

You can view more images from Samantha's session here on our website.

Samantha in Daddy's arms

Such a good baby!
and because she was only five days old we were able to get in some of those awesome "miracle shots"
I was so excited to use the column! So classic!

Wedding rings on the toes...they will look back some day and say
"Was she really THAT little?"

How adorable!
Again, because she was so young she slept most of the time, therefore we were able to mold her and get these adorable shots of her sleeping on her hands...

The newest sling. I ordered red for something different and wasn't even thinking about Christmas!
You can see her tiny little foot pressing inside the sling

The sling is really an inch from the beanbag, but we edit out the beanbag and add the height in post-processing.

This column shot is only possible with a soundly sleeping baby (and even as usual we we have spotters on both sides for safety). I love it!

Mom and baby!

Her mother brought this cute frilly dress in with her. We typically photograph newborns in the buff, but finishing up this session with this dress was just icing on the cake...

It was touching to see Dad with his new little girl, so gentle and in love with this precious little girl. And Mom was just serene, she seemed to me in awe of this little one so dependent upon them. A miracle of life!
Sometimes, said Pooh, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

You can view more images from Samantha's session here on our website.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art and Ann -- 25th Wedding Anniversary

We were very touched Tuesday to be present when Art and Ann renewed their vows for their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

My favorite image of the night is the one when Ann and Art are saying their vows -- just look at the way she is looking at him (top image of the second collage)! Everyone should be so lucky to be THAT in love -- ever, let alone after 25 years!

You can view more images from their vow renewal and anniversary party here on our website.

Thanks to Laura and Bob and Linda for setting up this group shot!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maternity session: Baby Girl on the Way...

We photographed Marsha last week and had a wonderful session. She came dressed in a purple shirt and also brought a purple dress and both looked awesome on her! We also took some photographs of her with just scarves wrapped around her and wow! You can view more images from her session here on our website.

We had a great time photographing her and the time went by fast. We are glad that we could document this momentous time in this mom-to-be's life.

Professional pregnancy photos capture a woman's special beauty during this time. Every woman's pregnancy is unique and she can look completely different from her first pregnancy to her second one. Pregnant women have a beautiful radiance about them and that radiance will show in your treasured maternity pictures. We love to capture that glow!

We cannot wait to meet and photograph her daughter this weekend!