Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Valon, an aspiring Model

Remember Kush from a few weeks ago? Well we recently photographed his brother Valon, also an aspiring model. We had a lot of fun with Valon and loved the transformation from "Justin" (Bieber) into "Edward" (Cullen) with a quick change into black clothes and a change of hairstyle.

You can view more images from Val's session here in his gallery on our website.

 I just love this first ime, his expression, his pose, the negative space on the left, everything!

Val was game for everything that we threw at him, very patient, allowing us to be very creative.
I love him with the marbles!
 See, "Justin" on the left and "Edward" on the right???

This is a brand new background! Only the second time we have used it, wow!

You know how much we love Black and White photos for our portraits! 

But B&W with a splash of color always pops!

What an awesome session!

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