Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charles and Family

We photographed these two adorable girls and their family two years ago. They came back for an updated family portrait plus one, meet this absolutely adorable and loved little boy, Levi. Elli and Ally

You can view more images from their session here in their gallery on our website.

Tom loved this family portrait with Levi pulling Ally's pigtail! It is one of his all time favorite images, because it tells the family story so well. These girls are great big sisters to Levi, he is certainly blessed!

These are such good mannered, well behaved young ladies, such a pleasure to photograph!

I just love series like these, where you need multiple images to really tell the story...

You can see how much the girls have changed in two years, this is them in 2009

The newest addition to this family is the most adorable and good natured little boy. I was so excited when I saw him because I had an image in my head of a little boy in just overalls with teddy bears surrounding him. Levi was one of the best little ones we have ever had in the Studio.
Charles and Cheryl can just drop him off at the Studio next time they need a baby sitter.
The delightful little buy just smiled and laughed the entire time he was here!
I will post on just Levi alone in a couple of days...

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