Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Heather came in for a model portfolio builder photo session and we got to try a plethora of concepts with her -- from Hi-Key to fashion to runway to Joel Grimes to funky! She brought a lot of clothes and a lot of energy and was just great to work with!

You can view more images from her session here in her gallery on our website.

We photographed for about three hours and could have easily done double that! We look forward to working with her again!

Wow! This is fabulous
Can't you see it as a huge billboard?

I absolutely loved this jacket!
We also did some 'runway" type shots with it and they are amongst my favorite from this session!

The blue just popped for her!

Love her on the Hi-Key white!

She looked great with the 'Joel Grimes' style of lighting too!

We have been working on a patriotic project as well, so we were excited to see her flag bikini...

She brought in such a variety of outfits and we really got to try LOTS of lighting and backgrounds and overall different looks with her!

love the scarves that she brought in with her too -- gotta get some more of these for the Studio.

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Heather said...

Tom & Lisa-- love love love them, thank you so much.. there are too many to choose to say I love just one. Cant wait to work with you again! Had so much fun!!!
Springtime is here, soooo another shoot soon =)