Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chris and Anne's Wedding

Anne and Chris had a wonderfully serene and romantic wedding. You can view many more photographs from their wedding here on their gallery on our website

Here is a video from their wedding -- love the song "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel -- just a wonderful song and perfect for the two of them. If you are a subcriber and do not see the video click here to view this on the Blog itself. The MP4 can be downloaded and shared with friends and family.

It was a pleasure photographing Chris and Anne's wedding.
Simple and Elegant with attention to detail evident everywhere.

 This next one was one of Tom's all time favorites!

This one of Anne looking in the Mirror at the Grassy Hill Country Club is one of my favorites. You might just find it in our Studio on the wall as a Studio sample...

It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding!

Classic Elegance!

I love the fact that because Tom and I shoot together we can be in two places at once. This works well for so many aspects of the wedding, but this is especially awesome for the ceremony because I can get the groom's reaction while Tom is photographing the bride walking down the aisle.

You can see the progression here...
Chris looking a tad nervous and biting his lip to anticipation to his great smile to an aire of amazement as he realizes that he is in love with this beautiful woman soon to be his wife. Wow!

I love Black and White photographs for people in general, but for weddings especially so. This wedding was particularly well bent for Black and White photographs.

That is not to say that the color images are not also compelling.

This next collage would look great as a canvas collage above their sofa or fireplace! You can almost feel the love and the comfort that these two have when looking at these images...

Tom has been really having fun creating distinctive images like these backlit photographs of the first dance.

Father-Daughter --- Mother-Son

Tom especially loves using the prime 2.8 lenses and creating those selective depth of field photographs (like the middle right image with the two of them dancing), but I can also do similar effects in post-processing, check out the HEART bokeh on the top two images.

And we had fun taking a photograph of them holding their cell phone at the reception and then putting a photograph of them at their ceremony into the phone later.

I just love, love, love this next image! It compels me. Anne is such a carefree kind spirited person and most of the images reflect on her beautiful soul, but this one seems to capture her spirit as well.

 I loved this wedding for so many reasons, but it was also great because Anne and Chris were willing to take some extra time to create some awesome photographs in the lobby and outside at the Grassy Hill Country Club. The day goes by so fast so we were in heaven when Anne and Chris made the time to allow us to create some of the images on the grounds of the reception.
but this mocha version just has a timelessness about it.

Such a debonair looking groom!

As you can see from looking at their galleries we had fun with the post-processing of their images too -- many special effects!

For a limited time you can purchase photographs from this wedding for yourself and as gifts on sale. You can view all of the images from their wonderful day here in their gallery.

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