Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meet Alessa

We had such an awesome session with Alessa -- her parents brought her in at one week old and she slept through the first hour!! This combination enabled us to get some of those "Miracle images". It is hard to get out within those first few days, but babies are only truly newborn for a short time. Within the first ten days they stop sleeping so soundly and so much, they discover their legs and are not curled up anymore.

The session went so well and we took a LOT of photographs! What an adorable baby girl. These parents are definitely blessed with this little angel! You can view more images from her session here on our website.

I love when they sleep and you can mold them like playdough. Mom brought this hat (from Etsy) in with her for the session. Can you get much cuter?
Her birth announcements...

 I love the angel wings!
You might see that one on display in our Studio, one of my favorites.

 This Christmas hat was big enough to allow us to cover her from head to tush...
We post-process this in photoshop to make it look this way, she was an inch away from a bean bag and safe at all times 

Special Delivery...and she is looking right at us.

Angelic baby!

Mom and Dad ordered the middle photograph as an 16x20 for their wall. I love the little feet!
 The bottom one is the result of the fast lens and wide open settings that were used. Cute little toes. Tiny.

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