Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Julianne and Jake

We had a lot of fun photographing Julianne and Jake. Julianne had such a beautiful dress on and a great smile, someone who smiles with her eyes not just her mouth. And Jake just sat in one place and let us take lots of photographs of him alone! You can view more images from their session here on our website.

This was our personal favorite from the session. I think that you could hold a caption contest for this image "My sister works as Santa's helper?"
"where's your reindeer?"
"are you my sister?"
"If you are Santa's elf then what does that make me?"
"I'm cute even when I am not looking at the camera"
I just love it!

This next one might is another favorite.

We enjoy collages like this -- so many expressions!

So hard to be an older sister when your cute little brother gets all the attention. But when she left we asked Julianne if she would come back again and she smiled and said yes.

 Isn't he most adorable?

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