Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Malek and Shakira engagement photos

Here are a few more photos from our photo session with Malek and Shakira at Edgerton Park. There were sooooo many photographs from their session that I loved. They were great to work with and we had an awesome afternoon with great weather and some fun photographs.

Malek and Shakira will also pick one photograph to be their signature photograph at their reception. Will they pick color or Black and White? Tough choice --both are great, but to me The Black and white photographs just seem to me to bring out a little more of their soul. You can view the rest of their photos on our website: http://tlc.smugmug.com/Portraits/261554

They also choose a reception signature album, which was wonderful because it allowed them to pick many more photographs and allowed their guests to give them some "newleywed advice".


Anonymous said...

Hi Malek & Shaira:

I am going to try and keep my comment "PG". I vote for the black & white photo that looks like Malek is about to take you on the wall.

Love Michelle Baker

Cocoa Mama said...

I absolutely love the photos. Tom and Lisa, you guys did a great job!