Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kristine and John -- Southford Falls CT

We photographed Kristine and John (and their adorable little dog) at Southford Falls as a pre-wedding photo session. The weather was perfect! They were both very willing to try anything (even lie down in the covered bridge) and we got some awesome photos. You can click on these to view them larger.

You can view other photos from their photo session on our website:

There are some many great photo ops at Southford Falls, but the covered bridge still remains one of my favorites. The three photos in the collage on the left was post processed to bring out all of the detail in the wood. And I love the trio on the right in black and white just emphasizing them.

Here are four more of my favorites...which photograph will Kristine and John choose for their signature photo for the reception at the Heritage ?? so many to choose from...

They brought their cute little dog with them. Many couples like to have their dog in their photos, engagement sessions, and even weddings. This poor dog thought that it was going for a nice walk along the stream, but was very disappointed at going to a photo session instead.
There are some great outtakes of the dog in this gallery

For these next two photograph, compare the two photos side by side -- Kristine and John look great in both of them but I edited the waterfall to simulate a slow shutter speed, giving the water that silky look.

having a little fun too...

We are looking forward to photographing their wedding this Fall.

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