Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eliza's Bat Mitzvah Party

You can view the slideshow that we created from her Bat Mitzvah here:

Eliza's party was at Hula Hanks in New Haven -- it was a happening party!

Eliza's parents picked this photograph for a large wall portrait for their home. We created the final image from this photograph on the left, and edited it for them to remove the people out of the background.

You may recognize the young lady in the middle photograph as Leah, Eliza's longtime childhood friend. We had photographed Leah's Bat Mitzvah a few weeks before Eliza's.

Anyone that has seen our Blog and/or our photographs knows that we just love black and white and color -- here are a few B&W&C from Eliza's party, I love the impact that she has here -- literally making her the Diva of the day...

Noah is Eliza's younger brother, a very fun loving and spirited young man, he made his way right up to the DJ and had fun! He was also very comfortable out on the dance floor.

We had fun and played around with lots of camera settings when the dancing was going on. It is more fun capturing high energy events with some non-traditional photography skills, like panning and slow shutter speeds...

You can view the rest of Eliza's photos in four galleries on our website:

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