Friday, August 7, 2009

Jaimy iPod Session

We recently had a great iPod session with Jamie.

Jamie was fun to work with -- it was great because this young lady had ideas and quickly assessed the poses regarding what worked best. For example, Tom showed her one image on the LCD that we liked and Jaimy immediately replied that it could be tweaked and that for the next one she would hold the flower further away from her head so that the flower silhouette did not merge with her head. Artistic and quick thinking!

One of these iPod photographs will be chosen by Jaimy for the signature photo for friends and family to sign at her Bat Mitzvah party. We are looking forward to photographing her Bat Mitzvah in a few weeks!

We did a few poses with an electric guitar because she is musically oriented, but then also some with flowers to represent her artistic side. I made some composites showing both dimensions of her. It will be interesting to see which one she picks.

You can also view these images in Jaimy's gallery on our website:

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