Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Many Sides of Larissa

Meet Larissa. This young lady came in very well prepared for her model portfolio builder photo session. She had all of the deails for each well thought out concept for each outfit and transformed herself again and again right before our eyes! Playful, sassy, sophisticated, intense. We could tell that she was very prepared and that she practices. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph her!! We look forward to working with her again. And what a stunning smile!

Yes, modeling like anything else requires practice. Generally it is suggested that models practice at least three times a day, five minutes each session: once for practicing facial expressions (try conveying moods in the mirror), once for practicing hands (the absolute hardest part of modeling and the part that can distinguish an experienced model from and inexperienced model) and then full body modeling (even try some these these practices nude if you can, not that you intend to pose nude, but it makes you pose your hands too because you cannot really on pockets, etc. and really have to learn where to place your hands and arms).

You can see more photographs from Larissa's session here on our website.

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