Sunday, March 27, 2011


Anthony's model portfolio builder photo session was a lot of fun, he is serious about his modeling career and yet just a lot of fun to be around and to photograph. Anthony really put thought into each of the ideas that we shot, from "Help Haiti Heal" to his leather jacket -- to all of the shoes and sneakers that he brought with him!We were impressed with his athleticism and we got to accentuate his toned body with some interesting Joel Grimes lighting styles. Anthony's two hour session lasted about four hours -- we could have gone longer but it was really getting late at that point. You can view the rest of the images from his session here on our website.

The 10-22mm lens made this photo kinda cool!

Love the signed sneakers! 

Help Haiti Heal...
 He was great serious, but he was also a lot of fun!

love his leather coat! 

As a scientist I was so excited when I saw his unique "genes" shirt, we just had to get this

Just love the way that he comes thru in the black and white photographs as well...

serious and smiling!

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