Monday, December 8, 2008

First Snow

We had our first SNOW on Sunday. Luckily I got the outside lights all out and up on Friday and Tom got the snowglobes out Saturday. I woke up Sunday am and took a slow walk around the yard with my camera. Here are a few photographs from my backyard journey...

Home tweet home...

I love the snow on all of my yard reflection appears in this caterpillar, good thing I put my coat on and not my bathrobe like I was tempted to

Butterfly antennae in the snow.

I saved this tree three times when Tom and Adam went out "yard trimming"
I love my GBH's even in the snow.
These grasses look soooo different today from yesterday (fluffy and billowy)

The last of Fall, even though it's not officially winter yet.

The snow on this stone looked like a smilie face to me.

cold birdie

You can see my reflection in this dragonfly's eye.
And last but not least my cat planter that did not yet get put away, looks like he has a milk mustache...

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