Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Logan

We photographed little baby Logans' parent's wedding and now they are blessed with this little bundle of strength and joy. We had fun photographing him last week and Corie and Scott were able to get the enlargements, collages and photographs that they needed in time for gifts for the Holidays.

You all know that I just love black and white and color -- here is Logan in a Santa hat. Oh My gosh, isn't he adorable!

So many expressions for such a little one!

It will be fun to photograph him on this same bench as the years go by. One day he will be gradauating high school and perhaps he can sit on a bench like this that used to fit his whole length.

The 3 week old portrait session is a special one, because never again will he be so small, so wrinkly, so angelic. Can you believe that this little hand will be reaching for his Dad's car keys in what will seem like the blink of an eye.

Another photograph showing just how little he really is.

Logan looks very angelic and serene in this portrait, very obviously at home in his Dad's arms.

One of my favorite quotes, and I do believe quite the philosophy of these wonderful and doting parents, who seem to have figured out already what is important in life.

These next two show you just how much love Corie and Scott have for each other -- and for Logan.

What exactly is Logan pondering??

They bought a "mother" and a "daddy" collage

Corie looking on with complete adoration, a mother's love is universally recognized.
I applied my favorite chocolate filter to this photograph.

This next image is just one of a series and I love them all, newborn skin against Daddy's bare chest. I applied my favorite chocolate filter to this too.

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