Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rosa's Family

We photographed Rosa and Mike's wedding two years ago (Happy Anniversary Sept 30th). Since then they have been blessed with two adorable kids. Last weekend we photographed Rosa's family, 15 in all, with her siblings families and her mom. We went to Rosa's sisters' house for the portrait session. Carol had a beautiful house, we moved a few pieces of furniture around, set up our lights and umbrellas and started photographing. We photographed each of the 4 families of Rosa and her 3 siblings, Rosa's mom with her five grandchildren, Rosa's mom with her four kids, just the siblings, Rosa's mom with her four "in laws" plus a big photo with all 15 people in it. It actually went very fast and in just under an hour and about 150 photos later we were done. We are thankful to Rosa and her family for giving us this opportunity, it was a lot of fun.

Here are some (27!) of our favorites images, including a couple of Black and white images and one chocolate. The rest of the photos are on our website:

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