Saturday, October 4, 2008

DOGS from Paws N Effect 9-27-08

OK, here are more photographs from Responsible Dog Ownership Day at Paws N Effect last weekend. There are even more photos from this event on our website in this gallery:

There were so many handsome and cute dogs, here are some of the highlights. We have so many favorites from this batch!


Fiona is a Great Dane St. Bernard mix -- and I thought that it was so cool that she has a star on her chest. I have seen intersting designs on dogs and cats before but never a STAR!

A watercolor just seemed to work for this photo of Casey.

Meet Ginger

This is Rocky, a Shihzu mix -- can you believe that he is 18 years old???

Nelson was just groomed so he was a little anxious, but we still managed to get some good photos...
This is Angus, you just gotta love labs...

This is Jimmy, a coonehound. His owner is a dog trainer. This dog was so expressive and his eyes followed Bob, his owner, everyhwere he went.

This is Simon, a shelty. Tom's parents had a Shelty. Just look at the face!

This is Ellis, an English Bull Terrier.

The owner's really liked this profile of Ellis, as he is on point as he would be when shown.

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