Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lisa & Tom present: White Reveals, Black Conceals

Lisa & Tom Cuchara presented “White Reveals, Black Conceals: Masking Your Way to Better Photography” to 1220 attendees at the New England Camera Club Council Conference in Amherst MA on July 11, 12, 13th .

The New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) is a non-profit umbrella group for about 80 camera clubs in the New England states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont). The Council was established in 1937 and incorporated in 1963. The Council sponsors a variety of events and services for the photographers of New England including: an annual three-day photography conference each July at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, which is one of the largest in the United States. Over 1200 photographers from the U.S. and other countries attend our conference. Attendees range from beginner to professional photographer.

White Reveals, Black Conceals: Masking Your Way to Better Photography by Lisa and Tom Cuchara (CT)

Masking is extremely simple; this one mantra “white reveals, black hides” will work for almost all of your Photoshop editing. From exposure to contrast, dodging and burning, blurring the background, selective coloring, selective focus, etc., Lisa and Tom will demonstrate “non-destructive” editing in Photoshop. They will show you how to use layers and masks to enhance your images. Adjustment layers and filters can be applied to an entire image, but sometimes you just want to tweak part of an image, which is where masks come in. The advantage of using layer masks is that you can refine both the effect and the area being changed at any point, even after you save and re-open an image. White reveals, black hides and shades of gray provide a variety of opacities – this one simple concept is essential for anyone using the digital darkroom to enhance their images.

For those of you who missed their program they will be presenting it again on Dec. 3rd at the Great Bridgeport Camera Club.

The NOTES for our program are posted on the Lisa's Photo Blog

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Examples of Black conceals from our talk...

For those of you looking for the iPeople article look here:
and remeber if you sign up for our Blog and then send us an email telling us that you saw us at NECCC we will email you our iPeople template layered TIFF file.

For those of you that purchased our "basic layers and masks" 15 action set we will be selling some creative actions soon. To load your actions just open the "TLC Photo layers & masks.atn" file on the CD and drag it into the actions palette in Photoshop. If you purchased our action pack and want to be notified of more actions (and templates) as they become available please sign up for our Blog.

perhaps the "un-suck" filter will appear in CS57, but for now we are best getting it right in the camera and then developing it in Photoshop.
Tom just happened to get a photograph of this very articulate and charasmatic woman reading our program notes. :-

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