Monday, July 14, 2008

A few photos from NECCC

Here are a few photographs that we took up at the NECCC conference this weekend. The weather was great, but the photography and the comrade were excellent!

In the warm glow of the evening light on the way to the George Lepp keynote speaker.

Tom was walking ahead of me so I photographed him while he was photographing the tower. I kept my aperture open to keep him sharp and the background soft.

At the fine arts center I just liked the way that this sculpture frame the flag.

The brick building made a pleasing background against the petunias. That evening light was just wonderful!

OK, I just had to play around with black and white and color...
same photo, cropped and then a B&W adjustment layer and then a mask painting back in the colors of the flowers.

I just love the color of this flower.

I had to try it with black and white and color as well, here are two variations, one painting with black and the second with 50% gray.

Sunday morning the horses were very handsome. There were lots of people around so I tried to create some tight images.

converted to B&W

This young lady was with her father and the Caballos de Paso.

The "Caballos de Paso" is a group of Paso Fino horses that travel all over New England giving
demonstrations and parades. The Paso Fino horse is a Spanish breed known as the
"smoothest riding horse in the world" due to their unique four-beat gait. has further breed information if you are interested.

She needs a red flower in her hair to balance this image, but I love her dress.

We have lots more and will post some more horses later this week. Tom got some good ones of the horses galloping towards him.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Tom and Lisa,

Thanks for posting some photos from NECCC.

It appears to me that these photos are good examples of "White Reveals and Black Hides".

I also got a CD from you for the Action file. My plan to practise these steps to make good use the Layer Mask functions.

I will look forward to seeing more of your posting on your website.

Sherm Shiao