Monday, June 2, 2008

Tasha & Brandon

Sunday we had an awesome photo session (at the Wethersfield Green) with a fantastic couple! Tasha & Brandon are getting married soon and we created some images that really popped. They were so easy to work with and so photogenic we had a great morning.

I have soooo many favorites (as you can tell from the length of this Blog Post) but the top two are at the top of my list. I am working on getting a brush in Photoshop that will allow us to put a "Artist's Choice" or "Artist's Favorite" in a corner of a couple of photos from every session.

This pose (below) was actually Brandon's idea and it really worked!

OK, for such a good looking couple I just had to run the "Hollywood Portrait" effect and then place a border on it.

I just love the look on Brandon's face here!!

OK, now tell me that this doesn't look like a movie ad. It's an artistically edited version of the second photo and I really cannot tell you if I like this version or the color version better.

Tom did manage to grab this one photograph of Tasha alone.

Tom wanted me to title this one "A kiss is but a Kiss" but was afraid that it would 'date him' or worse that people would not get it.

For this photograph I converted the color into Black and White and then added chocolate...

For this image I converted a B&W to a line sketch and then merged the two into each other and painted out the details. It certainly appears like a sketch and I cannot wait to print this (on matte paper perhaps...)

The uncropped version of the second photograph, converted to B&W

I had a lot of fun processing these images!

They just were so easy to photograph! We cannot wait until their wedding.

I placed this image into a Scott Kelby action frame.

Now for some composites.
This is a 16x20 -- 9-up with the kisses on the diagonal...

These last two collages are also 16x20;s with the B&W version above the color version. I just love B&W photography for people, as you can relaly see in this post, it really brings out the soul of a person.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa & Tom,

These photo's are incredible! We love every single one of them! Thank you so much for photographing us. You guys are amazing! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the wedding : )

--Tasha & Brandon