Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Sneak Peak at Tasha & Brandon

Last Saturday we photographed a fairy tale wedding at the magnificant St. Peter's Church followed by a reception at La Renaissance (beautiful grounds, a foggy ethereal first dance and great food). Tasha and Brandon were blessed with an absolutely perfect day.

We first met Tasha when she was a bridesmaid for Kesha (who in their wedding party and who is due any day now with a little baby girl that we look forward to photographing).

This picture of Brandon looks like a poster for the latest release at the movies theaters!

I always enjoy having the opportunity to go photograph the bride and her bridesmaids when they are getting ready for the wedding. It is a very pleasantly hectic but calm time where I can create some wonderful candid and posed images...

The bride's grandmother hosted a great brunch for the ladies as they were getting ready.

I always love Black & White and color. I know that brides with 'white on white' bouquets are very classy but I am personally slightly disappointed because I know that I will not have the opportunity to create these 'touch of color' images.

Tasha's flowers were just right and her bouquet was customized with a special memory of her brother.

Tasha's dad, l0oking quite debonair, had a nice looong aisle to walk her down.

Look how happy Tasha and Brandon both look walking down the aisle during the recessional.

La Renaissance had wonderful grounds, gazebos, bridges, a pond, etc. -- what a spectacular place for wedding photographs!

Here is a collage of five of our favorite photos.

We had a great time photographing Tasha & Brandon and wish them a long and happy life together!

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