Friday, November 30, 2007

Adirondack Park, NY

We just submitted photos for a photo contest. All of these photos were taken in the Adirondack park in New York. Some were taken in early July and some were taken this Fall (late Sept/early Oct). It was very hard to narrow down all the photos taken this year in the ADK to just 10. I just loved the reflections this year. We missed the peak of the hummingbirds this summer but the photo of this female Ruby throated amuses me as she lands on the pine needles.

Here are the 10 photos that Tom entered. Many were taken along my favorite roads, Rt 73. The Osprey are a new pair this year. The previous pair had been at that nest spot for perhaps 8 years and they were quite accustomed to people. This pair was very leery and as you can see, she kept a close eye on Tom. I also have TONS of osprey images from this year. Tom would wait and wait for the male to bring in fish for the female, but this "new husband" was not a great provider and would often show off his catch to his mate but not leave it for her/their young like he was supposed to (he is "supposed to" eat the head andd leave her the rest of the fish. First year pairs are often not successful in raising young. This new pair did manage to raise one baby this year, but it was very slow to mature and it did not fledge until late summer.

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