Sunday, December 2, 2007


We photographed wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center yesterday. It was very cold (despite 4 layers and lots of "hot hands" my hands froze up a couple of times where I could not even feel the shutter). We photographed a pack of three wolves, Apache (the alpha male), Kaila and Lukas (I believe he is our favorite) and the Atka, their "ambassador wolf". We have been photographing them for three years now and we have several photos in the WCC 2007 and 2008 wolf calendars, including Tom's photo of Atka on the 2008 COVER! You can purchase the 2008 calendar from their website.

You can also attend an educational program, or even an evening "wolf howl" in the summer months. This place is great for so many reasons, the conservation efforts of the wolves themselves but the education even more so. Wolves are such magnificent animals. Founded in 1999. The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) promotes wolf conservation by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting their future.

Here is Tom (I know, how can you tell? It is so cold that you cannot even tell that it is him). You can view many more wolf photos on our website:

The first three photos are Apache. Apache (10 years old) is the alpha male of the pack. He is a mixture of Arctic and Rocky Mountain/Canadian wolf. What an awesome sound to hear them howl. Tom had a photo taken two years ago of all three wolves in this pack standing together and howling -- a once in a lifetime photo! I didn't get the photo but just being there -- we were all very awed and affected by the experience. There is a great photo that I took of Apache in the 2008 WCC calendar, one where the snowflakes are falling all around him.

This is Kaila (the oldest at 12 years). She is a Rocky Mountain/Canadian wolf, and is the most "wolfish" of the bunch, preferring not to have anything to do with people.

This is Lukas, now 9 years old. He is a Rocky Mountain/Canadian wolf Lukas presently occupies the beta wolf position of the Ambassador pack. Can you tell that he is our favorite?? He just seems to capture our hearts just a little bit more than the others with his intensity and his character.

Atka is now 5 years old. He is an arctic wolf. Atka travels to schools, nature centers, and other events helping us educate people about wolves. He is the wolf that Tom photographed that is on the cover of the 2008 WCC (wolf conservation center) calendar. Tom had fun yesterday taking photos of Atka as he jumped back and forth over a small brook/pond. The action is always what Tom looks for.


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