Tuesday, August 19, 2014

cool old trucks at a salvage yard

I photographed these old trucks at a large 16 acre salvage yard Lisa and I went to early this summer. We are holding a photo workshop there on Saturday August 30th.  Come and join us! 

When I came upon these particular trucks I knew that I wanted to get all 5 in a single frame.  To get the composition I liked best I set the tripod (Gitzo- GT3532LS) as high as it would go.  I moved to my right, some, then moved more and moved some more before I could go no further as there was an ugly white car in my way! (To be honest there is no such think as ugly in a car salvage yard!  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or should I say photographer...)  

I included the sky in one and cropped the sky out in the second pic to create a pano effect.  
Which do you prefer?  
I like them both.  

Specs:  Canon Mark III 24-70mm 2.8L, 200 ISO, White Balance = 'Daylight', I took 6 shots and processed them in Photomatix Pro and edited in PS-CC.  I used the new CC camera filter a lot to reduce highlights and some of the over red / green saturation effect due to the HDR process.  I also used Topaz clarity and Nik Tonal Contrast to bring out the rusty red colors, etc.  Lastly, I just sharpened the trucks and nothing else.  


Join us at this Salvage yard

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