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Holiday ornaments -- 45 Christmas and 71 Holiday plus 12 Metal

Holiday ornaments -- photo acrylic and metal (see very end for metal)

45 Christmas Ornaments to choose from (Size 3.5x3.5") in different Circle and Ornate shapes
71 Christmas Ornaments to choose from (Size 3.5x3.5") in different Circle and Ornate shapes
Printed on E-Surface Photo Paper and mounted to 1/8" white acrylic
Includes a White ribbon for hanging


$18 each
2-5 $16 each
6+ $11 each

Metal $25 (optional $2 magnet for all year round display)

45 Christmas Ornaments

Bold Modern - Front
  Bold ModernHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Bold Modern - Front
Ornate Bold ModernHoliday Ornaments 

Soft Vintage - Front
Soft VintageHoliday Ornaments 

Dots Circles - Front
Dots CirclesHoliday Ornaments 

Stripes Polka - Front
Stripes PolkaHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Stripes Polka - Front
Ornate Stripes PolkaHoliday Ornaments 

Tweet Tidings - Front
Tweet TidingsHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Tweet Tidings - Front
Ornate Tweet TidingsHoliday Ornaments 

Floral Wishes - Front
Floral WishesHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Floral Wishes - Front
Ornate Floral WishesHoliday Ornaments 

Dark Pine Midnight - Front
Dark Pine MidnightHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Pine Midnight - Front
Ornate Pine MidnightHoliday Ornaments 

Dark Pine Hunter - Front
Dark Pine HunterHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Pine Hunter - Front
Ornate Pine HunterHoliday Ornaments 

Dark Pine Crimson - Front
Dark Pine CrimsonHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Pine Crimson - Front
Ornate Pine CrimsonHoliday Ornaments 

Delightful Orbs Aqua - Front
Delightful Orbs AquaHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Orbs Aqua - Front
Ornate Orbs AquaHoliday Ornaments 

Delightful Orbs Black - Front
Delightful Orbs BlackHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Orbs Black - Front
Ornate Orbs BlackHoliday Ornaments 

Delightful Orbs Green - Front
Delightful Orbs GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Orbs Green - Front
Ornate Orbs GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Delightful Orbs Red - Front
Delightful Orbs RedHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Orbs Red - Front
Ornate Orbs RedHoliday Ornaments 

Antique Snowflakes - Front
Antique SnowflakesHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Snowflakes - Front
Ornate SnowflakesHoliday Ornaments 

Twinkling Ornaments - Front
Twinkling OrnamentsHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Ornaments - Front
Ornate OrnamentsHoliday Ornaments 

Red - Front
RedHoliday Ornaments 

Blue - Front
BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Deep Red - Front
Deep RedHoliday Ornaments 

Baby's 1st Christmas - Front
Baby's 1st ChristmasHoliday Ornaments 

Blessed Christmas - Front
Blessed ChristmasHoliday Ornaments 

Argyle - Front
ArgyleHoliday Ornaments 

Gray - Front
GrayHoliday Ornaments 

Present - Front
PresentHoliday Ornaments 

Red - Front
RedHoliday Ornaments 

Holiday Candy - Front
Holiday CandyHoliday Ornaments 

Baby's 1st Christmas - Ornate - Front
Baby's 1st Christmas - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Blessed Christmas - Ornate - Front
Blessed Christmas - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Argyle - Ornate - Front
Argyle - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Gray - Ornate - Front
Gray - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Present - Ornate - Front
Present - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Red - Ornate - Front
Red - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Holiday Candy - Ornate - Front
Holiday Candy - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

71 Holiday Ornaments

Loops Bows Blue - Front
Loops Bows BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Loops Bows Blue - Front
Ornate Loops Bows BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Loops Bows Coral - Front
Loops Bows CoralHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Loops Bows Coral - Front
Ornate Loops Bows CoralHoliday Ornaments 

Loops Bows Gray - Front
Loops Bows GrayHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Loops Bows Gray - Front
Ornate Loops Bows GrayHoliday Ornaments 

Loops Bows Green - Front
Loops Bows GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Loops Bows Green - Front
Ornate Loops Bows GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Loops Bows Red - Front
Loops Bows RedHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Loops Bows Red - Front
Ornate Loops Bows RedHoliday Ornaments 

Holiday Thyme Aqua - Front
Holiday Thyme AquaHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Thyme Aqua - Front
Ornate Thyme AquaHoliday Ornaments 

Holiday Thyme Green - Front
Holiday Thyme GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Thyme Green - Front
Ornate Thyme GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Holiday Thyme Red - Front
Holiday Thyme RedHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Thyme Red - Front
Ornate Thyme RedHoliday Ornaments 

Snowy Pine Blue - Front
Snowy Pine BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Snowy Pine Blue - Front
Ornate Snowy Pine BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Snowy Pine Gray - Front
Snowy Pine GrayHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Snowy Pine Gray - Front
Ornate Snowy Pine GrayHoliday Ornaments 

Polka Peace - Front
Polka PeaceHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Polka Peace - Front
Ornate Polka PeaceHoliday Ornaments 

Playful Pattern - Front
Playful PatternHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Playful Pattern - Front
Ornate Playful PatternHoliday Ornaments 

Wonderful Season - Front
Wonderful SeasonHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Wonderful Season - Front
Ornate Wonderful SeasonHoliday Ornaments 

Dotted Joy - Front
Dotted JoyHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Dotted Joy - Front
Ornate Dotted JoyHoliday Ornaments 

Swirling Snowflakes - Front
Swirling SnowflakesHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Swirling Snowflakes - Front
Ornate Swirling SnowflakesHoliday Ornaments 

Colorful Clovers - Front
Colorful CloversHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Colorful Clovers - Front
Ornate Colorful CloversHoliday Ornaments 

Winter Pine Blue - Front
Winter Pine BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Winter Pine Blue - Front
Ornate Winter Pine BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Winter Pine Gray - Front
Winter Pine GrayHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Winter Pine Gray - Front
Ornate Winter Pine GrayHoliday Ornaments 

Plaid Trees Blue - Front
Plaid Trees BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Plaid Trees Blue - Front
Ornate Plaid Trees BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Plaid Trees Green - Front
Plaid Trees GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Plaid Trees Green - Front
Ornate Plaid Trees GreenHoliday Ornaments 

Plaid Trees Pink - Front
Plaid Trees PinkHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Plaid Trees Pink - Front
Ornate Plaid Trees PinkHoliday Ornaments 

Plaid Trees Red - Front
Plaid Trees RedHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Plaid Trees Red - Front
Ornate Plaid Trees RedHoliday Ornaments 

Trees Neutral - Front
Trees NeutralHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Trees Neutral - Front
Ornate Trees NeutralHoliday Ornaments 

Trees Cool - Front
Trees CoolHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Trees Cool - Front
Ornate Trees CoolHoliday Ornaments 

Trees Pink - Front
Trees PinkHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Trees Pink - Front
Ornate Trees PinkHoliday Ornaments 

Brown - Front
BrownHoliday Ornaments 

Light Blue - Front
Light BlueHoliday Ornaments 

Ho Ho Ho - Front
Ho Ho HoHoliday Ornaments 

Holiday Birds - Front
Holiday BirdsHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Ho Ho Ho - Front
Ornate Ho Ho HoHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Holiday Birds - Front
Ornate Holiday BirdsHoliday Ornaments 

Oh Christmas Tree - Front
Oh Christmas TreeHoliday Ornaments 

Peace Joy Birds - Front
Peace Joy BirdsHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Oh Christmas Tree - Front
Ornate Oh Christmas TreeHoliday Ornaments 

Ornate Peace Joy Birds - Front
Ornate Peace Joy BirdsHoliday Ornaments 

Happy Holidays - Front
Happy HolidaysHoliday Ornaments 

Colorful - Front
ColorfulHoliday Ornaments 

Faith. Hope. Love. - Front
Faith. Hope. Love.Holiday Ornaments 

Peace & Joy - Front
Peace & JoyHoliday Ornaments 

Rejoice - Front
RejoiceHoliday Ornaments 

'Tis the Season - Front
'Tis the SeasonHoliday Ornaments 

Colorful - Ornate - Front
Colorful - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Faith. Hope. Love. - Ornate - Front
Faith. Hope. Love. - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Peace & Joy - Ornate - Front
Peace & Joy - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Rejoice - Ornate - Front
Rejoice - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

'Tis the Season - Ornate - Front
'Tis the Season - OrnateHoliday Ornaments 

Metal Ornaments 

Metal Ornaments create an easy way to share your images on metal.
High-heat technology is used to fuse your image into the metal for incredible visual depth and luminosity.

$25 each

  • 12 Ornament Shapes
  • Eco-friendly 100% recycled aluminum
  • Two surfaces and finishes: Vibrant or Metallic Fade surface, Gloss or Matte finish
  • Add magnets to enjoy all year $2
  • Includes white ribbon and single drilled hole at top


Surface Styles

  • Vibrant: crisp details and rich colors produce a true, clear image. Suited for all subjects especially portrait, nature and commercial photography. Personally I prefer the vibrant for most people!
  • Metallic Fade: the metal surface shines through especially in areas of white and softens the image with a metallic sheen. Suited for images with subtle color gradations.
  • 12 ornament shapes (3.5x4.5 or 4x4)
  • Comes with a single drill hole and white ribbon for easy hanging

Please note: The metal surface undergoes a special treatment prior to its high-heat exposure. The company cannot control the tiny imperfections that may occur during this preparation process. While we make every effort to reduce their visibility when placing your image, we cannot grant remakes solely due to these uncontrollable imperfections.

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