Friday, July 27, 2012

Shawn and her Cats, Bald IS Beautiful

We had been talking to Shawn about photographing her three (bald) cats for months. Then a friend called us and said that this woman with the fabulous smile and positive attitude called us was diagnosed with cancer and we should schedule the photo shoot now because she was going to shave her head bald before the chemo did it for her. So Edie and Shawn arrived at our Studio with two calm and one stressed cats. We had a blast photographing the cats in the cubelite, and then all three cats with Shawn. What a role model this woman is, I am blessed to have met her.

The photo above was her favorite from the session, the headpiece and her expression make it a great choice

The photo below was my favorite from the session. 
Tom asked her to think of a memory and I just love the expression that he captured.

You can tell a LOT about her spirit, as it definitely came through in her images. 

Below is the composite that she had us create. 
It was printed large and the woman at the print lab commented on the cats!

Sadly, Bobbee passed away not long after this photo session :-( 
So sad, our pets are such an important part of our lives.

Tikki had a great personality when she was with us, we took oodles of photographs of her in the cubelite.


Shawn ;D)) said...

Lisa! Edie forwarded this link to your blog to me. I am so touched by this! I am so very thankful to have these awesome photo memories from you both! Especially because of the much too soon loss of my Bobbee to cancer. When you hear the dreaded word cancer it really changes your life and you have a choice......the choice I made was to embrace it and be positive and with that comes the strength. I am truly blessed to have the wonderful people in my life who have walking beside me during this journey. I am so thankful to have met you both and to have you capture exactly what I was looking
for on film ;0))

Liza said...

Love this! Shawn is a friend from my craft group and she is awesome. And her cats are adorable! (And very soft!)