Thursday, May 19, 2011


Carolyn brought a bunch of great outfits and we really tried some different backgrounds with her, from barnwood athletic to hi-key fashion with a red dress! You can view more images from her session here on our website.

Her red dress rally POPS on this white background.
Check out the relection in her sunglasses, LOL!

I love the purple on her too...
She has great flexibility and poise with her hands, hands are the hardest for a model to pose naturally, I am always saying in these blog posts to practice your hand poses if you want to be a model!

Love the FAN! and the hat.

Have to get some B&W images in too. She was really good with expressions, again an area that you can practice in. Many models have two or three expressions, but in reality there are hunderds or even thousands and the more versatile you are the better your chances!

Love the althetic look. Not many women can make this Joel Grimes lighting look good. She had a wonderful "intense look" too -- loved it!!

So many facets to this young lady! Wow!

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