Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jessica in the Blue Dress

We photographed Jessica in a lovely blue dress over at Booth Memorial Park (what an awesome place for photographs!). You can view more images from her session in her gallery on our website.

Jessica was absolutely wonder to work with and has an amazingly awesome smile !

I have been to Booth Memorial a few times before but somehow I have never seen this particular area before
This stone alter was a wonderful backdrop for Jessica.

The colors of the fountain just complimented her blue dress -- wow!

So late in the year and yet the roses and other flowers were still blooming. There were also a lot of birds and we saw a few people there with spotting scopes but did not get to talk to them to ask them what birds they were looking at. I just love the way that the wind is blowing her hair in the photograph on the right. With Jessica and that single we took photographs from a few different angles and it was hard to choose which I liked best. There is one in her gallery where she has the rose in her hand and is looking straight at the camera...

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