Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ashley and Mike -- Engagement session

We photographed Ashley and Mike two weeks ago for their Engagement session. Wow, what a session! They wanted the portrait session at Quinnipiac because they both graduated from there and the grounds are awesome so we met at the Mount Carmel Campus and afterwards went to the York Hill campus. Ashley and Mike were so easy to work with, and that fact combined with the awesome venue, meant that we took a few hundred photographs! You can view the highlights here in their  video

You can view our top 100 favorites here in their gallery on our website and all of the photographs from their session here in his this gallery on our website.

Ashley's father also surprised her and purchase a few printed photographs and gave them to the wonderful couple yesterday at their Engagment party at the Victorian House in Cheshire. One of the photographs was this bottom image of the two of them on top of the QU marble. The original image (top) was SOOC (straight out of the camera) while the bottom image was the final result of merging three images and creating a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph.

This next image looks like something on the cover of a magazine...Tom took this with that awesome 70-200,, f 2.8 lens -- gotta love what that lens can do for selective focusing! Love it!

This next image had a "fairytale" effect applied to it and I really like the way that it turned out!

These next two photographs were Tom's idea.
He had Ashley and Mike sit and look a tthe blank black screen in the York Hill campus center, knowing that we would add in a photograph of them via Photoshop! Fun!

We had an absolutely great day photographing Ashley and Mike! What a fantastic couple!

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