Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding at Gillette Castle

What an awesome venue for a wedding -- meet Antares and Jay. Mr. and Mrs Leask III said their vows at Gillette Castle last weekend. Mt first wedding with Sasquatch too! This was an awesome couple, they left plenty of time for photographs, were obviously in love and had a lot of personality. Check out (click on them to see them larger) some of these photographs -- Wow!

This next one I just love, such a timeless quality to it. How, oh, how are we going to decide which of these to put on out Studio walls???

"THE Kiss" -- one photo could not do it justice, I had to create a series :-)

The archways made for a great prop.

This was another of my favorites from the day.
For this wedding everyone was dressed to the hilt or should I say kilt ;-)

A quick group image of the bride, the bridesmaids and flower girls on the way to the ceremony. The bridesman was not in this image. Yes they had a groomswoman and a bridesman!

From below looking up at the balcony. The B&W makes the image look like it could have been taken at any time.

These next two images are HDR (High Dynamic Range). The first of the three images is SOOC (straight out of the camera) while the middle image is the result of taking three images exactly the same except one was purposely overexposed to grab the details in the sky and shadows and one was purposely underexposed to grab the details in the brights. HDR images are especially great for those bright times of the day when the sun is high and the contrast is great. Look at the detail -- Wow! I try to capture a few HDR images at every wedding, but I knew that I just HAD to try this at Gillette Castle!

Talk about romance!

I love the junior bridesmaid's expression during "the kiss" I remember when Breanna would cover her eyes (or hide behind doggie) when people kissed on TV :-)

Can you believe these images with the castle in the background. I was so excited to be at this wedding, but I was elated when I heard that they had left so much time to take advantage of these beautiful grounds to photograph at.

Fun, fun, fun...

Have you ever seen a bride in platinum??

We really got to take advantage of the Castle grounds and they will have these images to show their grandchildren!

I love the way that she is looking at her new husband!

See -- my first wedding with Sasquatch there...
He was actually a wedding present from Jay to his new bride!

I had soooo much fun photographing this wedding!

We have lots of brides covering our Studio walls, Jay will be the first Groom.

These are just timeless! Can you tell that I just loved this couple??

You can view more images from their ceremony at Gillette Castle here on our website.

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Jay Leask said...

I'm not sure we ever said thank you but your photos were SO excellent. I was just showing your series on "the kiss" to one of my coworkers - absolutely excellent!!!!