Monday, November 16, 2009

Leilani at 9 months old

Remember little Leilani?

We photographed her in her mommy's belly:
At 4 weeks old
At 8 weeks old
At 3 months old
and then they moved to Oklahoma (Daddy is in the Army)

Well, here she is at 9 months old -- soooo cute -- and already walking!

I just LOVE the black and white and color!

Isn't this the most precious thing!

We are going to put this next one up in our studio -- one of my all time favorite images!

I cannot decide between the color and the Black and white -- love them both.

Such a cute little thing...

OK, gotta try her with the teacup

An artistic version
She was not thrilled about being put IN the teacup!

I am going to take some from this next series of her in the bucket and do some of my digital magic with it and put her in other scenes -- stayed tuned for some of those!

Just happened to grab this. It reminds me of those lawn ornaments.

Just too cute!

She will be coming back in around Christmas for more photos -- look for her in a purple velvet dress and in a Santa suit!

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