Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alicia and Michael's Engagement

We had a great time photographing Alicia and Michael this fall. They are getting married at the Aqua Turf in the Spring and we went there for their engagement shoot. What great smiles!!

We took a couple hundred photographs, from closeups to "scenics" and even some really fun Taekwondo setups (and I just had to make a fun short video from their Taekwondo photos). We cannot wait until their wedding day to capture their memories for generations to come.

Up close and far away, they were both so much fun to work with!

Wow -- the reflections were awesome, what a place, what a couple!

We saw this right before their photo session and just had to try it -- Tom used a fast lens with a wide aperture and focued on their hands and her engagement ring. I LOVE it!

Another composition with the same idea.

And we will leave you with one more slideshow of the two of them...

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