Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sugar Hill, New Hamphire

Tom and I spent a long weekend (for our Anniversary) in Sugar Hill, New Hamphire -- mainly to photograph the lupine. I follow the lupine blooms via Harman's website every year, but it was great to get there this year!

We stayed at the Rustic Log Cabins, right along the stream.

We ate at Polly's Pancake Parlor all four mornings -- if you have never been there you are missing out! MMmmmmmm!

We ate at Adair Friday night, photographing their grounds during the day. Great food, but worth a visit even if you do not eat there.

The lupine were very different than the last two times that we were there, but there were lots of flowers out -- and so many different colors and color combinations. Sunday morning we photographed for three hours in a light mist and were well rewarded with great color saturation and water droplets.

This was the only moose that we saw :-) but we did see a lot of wildlife...

We saw a variety of wildlife: three bears (one up big one close), deer, turkeys, a porcupine, a common snipe (right across from Polly's pancake parlor all day), bluebirds with babies, a great blue heron, red winged blackbirds (with babies), a kingfisher (caught a fish and beat it on a branch before eating it), lots cedar waxwings, a pair loons (very close one morning), etc.

Common snipe, at Polly's

Female red winged blackbird, at Polly's

Female red winged blackbird, with baby, at Pearl Lake

We took hundreds of photographs of this pair of bluebirds feeding their young with a plethora of insects and worms.

You can see some more photos of this trip here: http://tlc.smugmug.com/gallery/8571654_Ei5Fc

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