Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photographs of BJ outside

Here are a few photos of BJ, taken outside on a stone wall. We used the sun-swatter (from Sunbounce) to create the nice diffused light on her, then threw a little warmth back in with a gold reflector (also from Sunbounce). The sun-swatter was very effective, but required one person to hold it and another to hold the reflector -- The suns-watter created some great light (these were taken at 3:00 in the afternoon).

I just love the next three black and white photographs! She has a great smile!
And this image with her eyes closed is very effective as she looks serene and happy!

Here is another version of BJ with her eyes closed and that great expression!

I thought that this series of 6 images tells a lot.

You can see the rest of her photos here:
I happened to take these photographs, but ones that Tom took are also posted in her gallery.

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